Age Edit

Want to join the POE?  Use the application form.  Every member has to be at least 13 years old to join the United States version of the POE.  International POE versions may have different minimum age requirements, but all versions are consistent with the Google Terms of Service.

Bans Edit

Violations of the rules can result in a ban that is either temporary or permanent.  If you are banned, do not get butthurt about it as it can result in extension of your ban.

Content Edit

Any content you post to the POE or any of its confirmed affiliates must follow Google's policies as well as our policies.  Also, you must not cause any drama with your posts as it was proven to be a factor in people leaving the community.

Discrimination Edit

We do not allow discrimination of any kind, including audience restrictions.  Every characteristic protected by law is declared equal.

Ethics Edit

The rules do not specifically cover ethics.  However, if you do anything that is accepted as ethically wrong, such as wrongfully blocking someone, you are in violation of the rules.

False Information Edit

Separate from hoaxes, false information about another person is prohibited and constitutes defamation.  Calling someone a pedophile is the easiest way to violate this rule.  Defamation lawsuits may be filed against you.

Gifted Logos Edit

In general, a logo made for someone else is a nice thing to do.  However, please do not make logos for anyone who doesn't want them.

Hoaxes Edit

Do not create any death hoaxes; it is very rude to the immediate families and they may choose to take legal action against you.  Same thing applies for hoaxes of other serious crimes, such as rape and kidnapping.

Intellectual Property Edit

Before you post content, including logos, please make sure you have the legal right to do so.  We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and all other forms of intellectual property.  Infringement of any of those rights puts you at risk for account suspension and/or other legal consequences.

Joy Edit

We should all be happy and smile in the POE and its confirmed affiliates.  However, there are times when a POE member will feel sad and possibly cry.  Everyone has the right to be cheered up in any way they want.  Infringement of that right may make the sadness worse and possibly escalate it into depression and suicide.

Keeping Yourself Safe Edit

Trolls sometimes attack you online.  If that happens, do not stick up for yourself by saying you are in the POE.  Doing so will compromise the safety of our community.  You are also expected to keep your account safe by using strong passwords as well as 2-step verification.  If you have been hacked, please take action to secure your account and notify the moderators of the situation.

Limited Members Edit

Everyone who joins starts out as a limited member, whose posts are held for review.  Once you have demonstrated your compliance of the policies, you will earn full member privileges.

Moderators Edit

If you want to become a moderator, you must first enable 2-step verification on your Google Account.  After that, you will need to prove yourself worthy of that position.

Negligence Edit

Giving out your home address, login credentials, or any other sensitive personal information of yours is an act of negligence and serious things can happen to you, so please be careful not to share that kind of information.

Owners Edit

In order to become an owner, you have to have been a moderator for at least 2 weeks.  During the time frame, you must show you can be exceptionally trusted by other owners and moderators.  If you are an owner, your most important responsibility is keeping the community safe from hackers and maintain law and order.

Privacy Edit

While not a form of intellectual property, you are expected to respect people's privacy wishes.  If you share anything the person would rather keep private, it is an invasion of privacy and may also be construed as harassment.

Quizzes Edit

To help make the POE and its confirmed affiliates interesting, we welcome quizzes from any website.

Regular Members Edit

Before Google launched the Hold for Review moderation tool, everyone who joined started out as regular members.  Once you have been promoted from limited member to regular member, more is expected from you in terms of compliance.  Moderators may demote you back to limited member if necessary.

Sockpuppets Edit

While some websites prohibit alternate accounts, you can have more than one account of yours join as long as they are not troll accounts and not used for rigging polls and evading restrictions of any kind, including community bans.

Troll Accounts Edit

It has been concluded that the ADL was really just POE members' troll accounts.  In response, troll accounts are absolutely prohibited.

Usernames Edit

You are free to choose any username you want as long as it follows Google's policies.  Also, the POE tag should never be included as it can jeopardize the community.

Video of the Week Edit

The VOTW category is reserved for video posts that won Video of the Week.  Any contenders belong in VOTW Contenders or Videos.

Websites Edit

You are welcome to have affiliation with any website you want as long as it's not one of those malicious sites.  We recommend installing security extensions to help keep you safe when browsing the web.

X (Strikes) Edit

It is clear X's mean strikes, so if you are going to give someone a strike, you must have a valid reason to do so.

Your Information Edit

You are free to share any information about yourself, but please do not provide any false information, especially your date of birth.  It is a nuisance for people to make birthday wishes, only to find out they were wrong about the date.

Zero Tolerance and Consequences Edit

We have a zero tolerance for severe rule violations that require immediate banning (temporary or permanent).  But for any rule violations, the moderators will discuss what the consequences should be, whether it is a warning, 1 strike, 2 strikes, a temporary ban (specified length), or a permanent ban.  Each strike expires after 1 month and if you accumulate 3 strikes within a 1-month period, you are subject to a ban.  Once you are unbanned, any further violations will result in more bans.

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