Austin Alexander is a man child and false POE member was born in 1995. He hates the Disney version of Star Wars, all because it was made by Disney and not that studio that he possibly masturbates to (20th Century Fox), various adult cartoons (Even though he's 21) Ryan Schneider of Mario and Toad Fan Pictures likes, and other modern Disney. Like Mario and Toad Fan Pictures, he uploads Character Elimination featuring Scrat, and unlike MATFP, they are some of the worst videos you will ever see. He also makes his own movie Scrat and Linda's Character Elimination (Because, well, he kinda has a fetish for scrat.) He is known for disrespecting opinions and accusing people of being "Family Guy Fanfappers" all because they don't like Ice Age. However, he no longer accuses people of being "Family Guy Fanfappers" and he now puts videos (including Tom Productions and Lotsoflogos's prank openings to Ice Age and Tyler Black's trailer review on Ice Age: Collision Course) in "Videos I can respect their opinions" playlist. In early 2015, the company established Austin Systems Production Studio, but in summer 2015 due to Ryan Schneider's favorite YouTuber is Austin Alexander, Mario and Toad Fan Pictures bought the company to form "MATF/logoboy95 Entertainment".

He is famous for doing idiotic videos like taking still images of logos of the CLG Wiki and reuploading on his channel, making ''My Reaction to blah blah blah'' with a clip of some show that he stole from somewhere.

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