Any headings with * after it means the certain user had been unbanned. Any headings with ^ have been perma-banned.

Shreya Mishra Edit

He/She was the first person banned from the POE, after he/she spammed a video by a person named Dr. Puneet Chawla, and she clearly loves spamming videos by poor Puneet.

THX Like This* Edit

THX Like This seems to find pleasure in annoying people. It is for this reason he was banned from the POE twice. He was unbanned again in recent months, but was banned again. He even comments about what to do with GoAnimate! He was briefly unbanned, but then he forced people to not swear, and he was banned again. This is why swearing is still allowed in the POE. Then, almost a year(?) later, he has been unbanned. 

Georgi Malchov Edit

Георги Малчов (Translated to Georgi Malchov) is a user who was banned twice. The first time he was banned because he hated on every poster the POE posted, and attacked the PlayStation community, resulting in a stalker (Mahmoud Reza Khavari) to attack the POE and stalk several of its members (Luke2505, aridiapizarro and Caroline Thetford as well as Georgi Himself). The second time he was banned because he started a hate club on Lotsoflogos. On June 2016, he called OfficerAPC a traitor because of something he did not mean to do. On July 2016, Isaac TV made a hate club out of him.

Aridiapizarro Edit

Aridia was a friend of Sascha Man and a moderator of the POE until her first ban. She was banned due to hating on Lotsoflogos, in which her ban was lifted after making an apology to Lotsoflogos. However, another moderator banned her shortly after her ban was lifted; to this day, she is currently unbanned.

Ulung Entertainment Edit

Another spammer, this douchebag loves to spam random communities with some stupid video. Our community was affected, but he was quickly banned after his numerous spam posts were discovered. He is possibly the worst spammer on this list. Enough said.

Nihn Nguyen (ALL of his accounts) Edit

You can't talk about banned members without mentioning this person. Over the past few months he has annoyed us constantly with his stupid questions and trolling. He also votes on people's polls, especially OfficerAPC's, and pretends to be loyal to other members. Thankfully, he was banned after MONTHS of agony.

Tacomaster Studios Edit

Tacomaster told Super Eric Media (now The Harrison Channel and MediaHarris) to Shut Up for no reason, resulting in his ban. He then joined the ADL. Although, he may be the most logical of the members alongside darktigre 15.

Serialized Pictures^Edit

He is a spammer who constantly annoys users with his comments and even spammed this wiki, resulting in his ban. However, he has learned his lesson and was a POE member for a while until he got banned again a few days later due to:

  • 1. Child pornography (of himself)
  • 2. Telling people to show their asses or penises
  • 3. Defrauding OfficerAPC (he wrongfully received a strike for banning him)

Near the beginning of September 2016, Serialized Pictures was briefly unbanned before he got rebanned because it is obvious he does not learn from his mistakes. On top of that, he made two hate clubs: one on Isaac TV and one on Lotsoflogos. OfficerAPC destroyed both of them using tactics he learned from other UTTP members along with help from Isaac TV; we advise all community moderators to remove his posts from communities, report them as spam to Google, and permanently ban him from them.

DIPED Entertainment*Edit

DIPED caused a huge drama on August 21, 2016 by going butthurt that SK Network was banned for no reason. He also tried to ban Lotsoflogos. Hamida Mansouri had to ban DIPED when the drama was about to spread. He was unbanned when he learned his lesson. A moment later, Isaac TV banned him because he thinks it's not fair to ban people older than DIPED. On September 4, 2016, OfficerAPC caught DIPED (though he was already banned at the time) violating Rule #5, which put the POE in danger. Later that same day, DIPED was seen violating Rule #36 by blackmailing Isaac TV. On September 18, 2016, DIPED apologized and begged to get back into the POE, so Issac TV made a poll about putting him back in. He's back on the POE, thanks to PCGCS, which unbanned him. However, DIPED continues acting butthurt over his bans and begging for more chances. As of February 26, 2017, his account is now hacked by Autistic Sides after giving away his login credentials as well as his home address. Then he made a new account. Months later, his hatebase ended and now he's unbanned.

The Satirist Productions Edit

Previously known as Nick Ulto, he was found wrongfully blocking other people in September 2016, which shows he cannot take criticism. As a result, he was issued his first ban not only for wrongfully blocking people, but also getting butthurt about it. Currently, he is unbanned. Then he got banned again due to him not taking criticism, and now Samuel and Isaac started his hatebase.

StarTV Studios,inc. Edit

Kayke Silva Eduardo, Founder of StarTV Studios, Got Kicked out in 16/09/2016, for slandering Luke2505 and Richard Cooper Productions and on suspicion of trying to create drama. After that, he Decided to Close his StarTV Account and Never Coming back. Now, he teached his Lesson.

Wheatley Yrahcaz*Edit

Garrett Simmers started drama in an Xbox live party by telling Wheatley to kill himself. Wheatley tells Garrett to kill himself, and Garrett tells everyone in the POE that Wheatley told him to KHS. They started a huge fight, and Garrett Simmers wasn't banned. Instead they banned Wheatley, even though he didn't start the drama. A few days later, Whealtey was unbanned, but quit after too many hackings. He also hacked the great OfficerJH.

Mitchy TheCartoonLover2000* Edit

Wanna know why this guy is banned? Well, he made a troll account called Dr. Beanson ADL and uploaded leaked footage of what Serialized Pictures did on Skype. Not only that, but he also wrongfully banned Lotsoflogos from the POE and its affiliates. What Mitchy did shows exactly why troll accounts are prohibited. Later, around somewhere in February 2017, Samuel and Isaac started a hatebase of Mitchy. They both thought he was a hypocrite. Then, as of April 2017, the hatebase ended. Since then, he had been unbanned.

CoolWarrior600 Edit

This guy keeps making troll accounts, which in turn, cause drama to the POE. He was told several times to quit that kind of behavior and yet, he continues doing so. His most recent troll account was used to communicate with a high ranking enemy and as a result, he is permanently banned. He was later unbanned by Süleyman Tekin Gürmen. But, he is still up to no good with his troll accounts since he is now using them to troll OfficerAPC in VGCP-style.

OfficerJH* Edit

Jimmy Hopkins first joined the VideoGameCartoonPolice on September 10, 2015 and then joined the POE. On March 27, 2016, he left the Internet out of respect for OfficerAPC and then returned on October 18, 2016 and seems to have learned his lesson(s) about hostility. Unfortunately, OfficerJH raged at CrimsonShadowX and angrily told her to delete her account. As a result, he is banned until further notice; afterwards, he seemed to change his behavior and cared for OfficerAPC and his friends. However, a few days after Halloween 2016, OfficerJH told OfficerAPC to go fuck himself over bad grades in chores. His ban is now permanent due to his misbehavior, which includes fucking around with people behind OfficerAPC's back. To this day, OfficerJH is more mature than OfficerAPC nowadays thanks to Apologygate and the events after that scandal. After receiving a shoutout video in place of the former special video for OfficerAPC, OfficerJH and OfficerAPC formed a truce.

World Markets Edit

All over the globe, world markets always throw a hissyfit whenever criticized by the Fed. Seriously, when will the markets learn to take criticism like adults?

Lucas Gloss*Edit

For complaining about CLG Wiki banning him, and not taking the banhammer like a man. Then months later, he was unbanned.


For causing several dramas on Skype and Discord and always playing the victim card. He couldn't even take his ban from the DME like a real man. He has also created a LOT of sockpuppets (which was also before he joined this group), and some of them even joined this group. He also takes fetishes seriously and hates people who don't have a fetish. SERIOUSLY?! THAT'S JUST PLAIN STUPID! HATING SOMEONE OVER NOT HAVING A FETISH?! WOW. FUCKING WOW MAN.

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