Miles Prower Entertainment (MPE) is a YouTuber, member of the Total Wonder Organization, and part of MPELafferty. The company was established on 13 November 2015. This is unrelated to the TWO, but he is a New York Giants fan. He has made many TWO divisions. We have a list below. He has many movie, television, and software labels. He has been in the POE/TWO for one year.

Divisions Edit

Cinar Communications

Cinar Entertainment

DIC Entertainment

Cinetoon (50% stake with SLN!)

Cilifco (Cinar Life Company)

Cinar International

Cinar Films Limited

Cinar Films Distribution

Cinar Television Distribution

Cinar Children's Productions

Cinar Television Productions

Cinar Educational Productions

Cinar Education Distribution

Miles Prower International

Miles Prower Europa, Inc.

Miles Prower Deutschland (Germany)

Miles Prower Entertainment France

Miles Prower Espana (Spain)

Miles Prower Asia

Miles Prower Japan

Miles Prower Korea

Miles Prower Entertainment Africa

Miles Prower Canada

Miles Prower Sudamerica (South America)

Miles Prower Industries Brazil

Miles Prower Industries Peru

GB Films Management II/Hypermax Films

Hypermax Television Distribution

Hypermax Television Productions

Hypermax Film Distribution

Hypermax Film Productions

Hypermax Studios (Charlotte, NC)

Miles Prower Entertainment Studios

Miles Prower Studios (Allentown, PA)

Miles Prower Entertainment Distribution

Miles Prower Home Entertainment

Cinar Home Entertainment

Miles Prower Theme Park Operations

Miles Prower Park Orlando

Big Box Films

Freeloader Pictures

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