Raincoat Guy in anime style

Beanson as the raincoat guy.

Mitchy Beanson (A.K.A. Mitchy Benward) is a respected YouTuber and a member of the POE. He makes Youtube Poops, Logos, Updates, and more. He also makes videos with VideoPad like Super Eric Media, and he owns a company called Beanson Entertainment (which was owned by POL Time Sammy). On December 2016, he left the GPOE due to chaos, and later on February 2017, he is banned from the GPOE due to him being a hypocrite, and that's why Castle Samuel became the new Castle Rock, 1 Games became the new Nintendo, and Dawnwick became the new Nelvana in the GPOE. But on April 2017, he forgave Isaac and returned to the POE.

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