Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television is a television company that ran since 2015, merger between Pinkie Pie Enterprises and Tom Cat Productions, and Pinkie Pie Enterprises Television and Tom Cat Television also merged has "Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television" The company is owned by Lamont Meeks & Powerhouse of Entertainment, the company makes and distributes shows made by the POE. on August 2015, Jack Winter, Owner of Tom Cat Productions, made the very first Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television logo, and is the new divsion of Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Motion Picture Group, "Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Home Video" Pinkie Pie Made the logo like the Columbia TriStar Home Video logo, But on August 17, 2015 Lamont Meeks of SLN! Media Group Made The New Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Home Video logo, and on October 3, 2015 He made the Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television logo like Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Home Video, and There's other logos for Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television, For Distributing shows, they added "Television Distribution" and for International shows, they added "International Television" and for International Distributions, they added "International Television Distribution"


Pinkie Pie Tom Cat Television's Current Logo.


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