Fabian Musto
Fabian's Avatar
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 13 Years
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight Unknown

TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS is a logo history maker, and known as a big logo fan as well. His current interest is into logos, architecture, painting, etc. This user is the Orion Pictures parody for the POE since November 2016 and has replaced another various user who was previously Orion. He has been in the POE since June 2016 and still remains in the community by today.

Before he was interested into logos, he used to use an animation program called "GoAnimate". He used that website from the whole entire year of 2015 until the very beginning of 2016. However, he has started using the program once again in March 2017. He now makes ask series, commercials and remade logos on there by today.

He has had quite a normal average amount of parodies in the POE at the moment. The first parody he gained was RCA, but the parody was known as "MRC". It stands for "Musto Radio Corporation". The second parody he had was Orion Pictures, as he was replacing someone's parody who used to be Orion in the first place. The third parody he had was Nelvana Limited. The parody is called "Dawnwick Limited". He replaced Mitchy Beanson's parody, since Mitchy himself got banned earlier in 2017.

The person himself has over 3,000 subs due to his popularity of making logo history videos and more. He is well-known himself to other logo history fans and people enjoy watching his content. He prefers his logo interest more then his GoAnimate interest. TR3X currently enjoys being in the POE, and will remain active in the community until when he decides to leave the community himself.

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