The Adventures of the ShapeSticks
The Adventures of the ShapeSticks teaser poster
Theatrical poster
Directed byFinley Small
Produced byFinley Small
Samuel Kosch
Executive Produced bySuper Lamont Network
Written byHM POE
Finley Small

Chris Miller

Based on"The Shape Sticks" comic strip


StarringTom Kenny
Billy West
Trey Parker
Chris Wedge
Music byJohn Debney
Danny Elfman
CinematographyNathan Warner
Editing bySuper Lamont Network
Production companySamuel Animation Group
2000TopGearDog Productions
Hamida Mansouri Pictures
Distributed bySamuel Kosch Pictures (USA and International)
Signature Entertainment (United Kingdom)
Release dateAugust 21, 2016
CountryUnited States
United Kingdom
RatingPG (United States)
U (United Kingdom)
Budget$50 million dollars
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The Adventures of the ShapeSticks is an upcoming 2016 American 3D hand-drawn buddy-adventure comedy film directed and written by HM POE and Finley Small, based on the comic strip: "The Shape Sticks" by HM POE. The film stars the voices of Tom Kenny, Billy West, Trey Parker and Chris Wedge. It is scheduled to be released by Samuel Kosch Pictures on August 21, 2016 in the United States; and on September 1, 2016 in the United Kingdom.

Synopsis Edit

When stickmen with uniquely-shaped heads move to a new island to keep themselves safe from the Misshapers, Benny and his friends; Jimmy and Rocko get lost on the way and find themselves on a lost island, so they must survive and escape from the island to find their way home.

Cast Edit

  • Tom Kenny as Benny, a light-hearted and genial yellow square-headed stickmen.
  • Billy West as Jimmy, a ironic and logical blue circle-headed stickmen.
  • Trey Parker as Rocko, a zany and mischief green triangle-headed stickmen.
  • Chris Wedge as Billy, a curious and comical blood orange pentagon-headed stickmen.

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