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THC's logo.

Jerome Harrison Jr. (Formerly known as SEN! Network, Super Eric Productions, and Super Eric Media, Now known as MediaHarris) is a respected YouTuber and the second leader of the Total Wonder Organization (formerly the Powerhouse of Entertainment). He makes dream logo combos or variations, logos, fanmade videos and more. He even had a GoAnimate series called "The Boss", which ran from June to August 2015.

In 2016, he wanted to change his username to "The Harrison Channel" because he thought that the name "Super Eric Media" didn't make sense because his name was not "Eric".

Subsidiaries of the company Edit

  • Franchise Pictures
  • Colorful Productions
  • Star Media Group (defunct)
  • Blu Star Media Group (defunct)
  • Swirling Entertainment
  • Dett International Company
  • Harrison Enterprises
  • Lorimar Media Group
  • Lorimar Television
  • Cubehouse Media (defunct)
  • Harrison Entertainment

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