Orange9098 is a channel devoted to actually to post random videos.

  • He was joined at August 2015 after a request, He was later seen on POE Multiple Members Videos. He is currently now focused on videos he liked to copy. He sometimes gets copyrights.

Due to inactivity, Orange9098 has left the POE/TWO forever.

Name Edit

  • At 10/24/14 His name is How to Basic after the controversially popular HowToBasic.
  • At 2/28/16 After many comments of the name of an imposter, The name is changed to Tristan Sudario as announced.
  • At 5/22/16, due to joining the POE and LEG (Luke Enterprises Group; Made from Luke Enterprises POE), The name is changed to add: First member of LEG POE (FMLEGPOE).
  • At 7/11/16, he announced to change the name due to mixing the other Tristan (Tristan sudario. He forgot the password after logging in.), the new name said was The Tom LEG POE (not mixed up with Tom Productions).

He announced to change the name in 7/18, but G+ said to not change names due to changing names said was "very often." The date was then changed to 7/30 or 7/31. A few days later the date changed to 8/12. It finally officially changed in 10/3/16 after the iMac.

  • At 7/27/16, he is banned for an unknown reason. He was unbanned one day later.
  • At 2/20/17, he left the POE from this message:

Due to inactivity, The Tom will leave the POE (now TWO and GPOE communities) forever. Lately, my parents noticed this conversation in POE. It gave me the light to stop supporting POE and move on. If you subbed to me on YT, do not unsubscribe! Surprises will be in the mix this year!

  • After his leave on the POE/TWO, his name has changed to Orange9098 and has made RubyCP and Goanimate videos.

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