Two Dog Productions is a production company founded by Nicklas Zande (Nik-liss Zan-dee), it was founded on November 17 2014, when Nicklas made a class project called The Messenger From Bald Mountain. And that following year, TDP joined the POE. But the thing that wasn't truly well received, was when the WAN, another division of the POE, falsely accused Nicklas of spamming. And then Tanner, William's best friend, temporarily left WAN because of that reason. He stated that all he was doing was posting a lot. And Will M claimed he shut down WAN, but Geo, the Founder and CEO of WAN, proved it wrong by saying that WAN never owned TDP in the first place, thankfully, a treaty was signed between the two POE divisions. Currently, TDP is working on an Oswald reboot, Kamen Rider Shogun, and Kamen Rider vs. Masked Rider: The Great Rider Taisen.

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